We are graduate students (and two facilitating instructors, Drs. Cueponcaxochitl and Blalock) in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. This blog documents our reading and discussion on the foundations of what it means to be conscientious action researchers, doctoral students, and compassionate leaders in our respective fields and we will examine theories and definitions of action research for access, excellence, and impact in education. Class participants will review current and classical academic literature (journal articles, book chapters, and other texts) on issues related to their specific areas of inquiry.

Our course is guided by questions of How and For What Purpose might educational research reflect access, excellence, and impact through four thematic areas of inquiry: Balance and Scholar Identity; Action Research; Leadership and Innovation within Action Research; and Collaborative Communities of Practice.

We have made this blog public in order to invite you to participate in our ongoing process of making-meaning of these issues.



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