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Nicole Blalock is a mixed-heritage post-ac creative whose personal work incorporates her interests across broad fields. Her research background is largely interdisiciplinary, exploring contemporary society and how its policies and practices influence learning and achivement. She is also interested in issues of representation, identity, and sovereignty. Her creative space includes experimentation with multidisciplinary pieces. Most recently, she has begun a journey using art to explore historicity and herstory of a mixed-indigenous paradigm, building from work while an academic scholar. Nicole continues to develop and enrich her understanding of critical issues in society through the lens of her academic, professional, and personal experiences.

Dr. Blalock is currently a video series producer and women in esports spokesperson on the Hearthstone Esports team at Blizzard Entertainment. In her work, she is producing a social-first episodic documentary, and produces and directs a competition-oriented video and audio podcast.