Introducing: Indigenous Mind

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Indigenous Mind is an open-access, community-based movement and zine celebrating indigeneity in meditation, mindfulness, and ceremonial praxis. Use the button below to keep up-to-date on issues and calls for submissions.

Indigenous Mind is actively accepting submissions for its inaugural issue, to be published in May 2020. Keep reading for more information.

Focus and Scope

Indigenous Mind  bridges the space between knowledge, experience, and practice. We publish nonfiction essay, counterstories, visual arts, visual poetry, flash and micro stories, and everything between which engages in navigating and decolonizing knowledge and practice of meditation and mindfulness spaces. We welcome innovate pieces which blend multiple styles and that may not fit in typical academic or nonfiction literary journals and magazines to empower and inspire decolonial narratives on their own terms. Submitted works may reflect on experiences in dominant culture meditation/mindfulness spaces, the history of Indigenous praxis, explore the benefits of contemplation, ceremonial, and mindfulness practices towards decolonization, be a creative product of a practice, or teach practices.

We recognize the simultaneously unique and global experiences of marginalized peoples, and thus accept submissions from all over the world.

Submissions in any language (with English translations and/or summaries as appropriate) are accepted.

Indigenous Mind also actively solicits artwork for the cover of each issue. Please indicate on the cover page that you would like your submission considered for the cover, along with a high-res image file (at least 300 DPI).

If you also want to contribute, please review the guidelines below and submit your contribution for consideration to

Submission Guidelines

Text-only Works

  • Works may not be previously published or under consideration by other publications.
  • There is no strict limit to prose; however, works over 4,000 words will need to be extraordinary.
  • Submit via word document or similar editable format.

Artistic and Visual Works

  • Right to print/publish must still be held by the artist for works previously published.
  • May submit via PDF or low-res files, but be prepared with high-resolution versions of files upon acceptance.

Contributor Cover Page

Each submission should include a cover page which includes:

  1. The full name and pronouns of the contributor(s), exactly as you wish them to appear in published version;
  2. Affiliation(s) of each contributor (e.g., Indigenous nation/peoples, department, university/organization, city, country);
  3. Contact details;
  4. A short biography of the contributor(s), no more than 100 words;
  5. A list of 4-6 key words describing your submission;
  6. Abstract or Artist Statement of no more than 200 words summarizing the submission.

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